How to Store Breast Milk

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For mothers who usually go away from home and have to leave their baby behind, expressed breast milk is the best way to feed their baby. But there are many challenges mom may incur when expressing breast milk, being well-informed is one way to deal with these challenges.

Storing breast milk is one of the many challenges a mother expressing breast milk may encounter. The illustration above simplifies the method you should follow in storing breast milk.

Always wash your hands before expressing breast milk. This will ensure that the breast milk you express is free from germs and bacteria.

When expressing breast milk, you can express by hand or by a breast pump that is either manual or automatic.

The breast milk you have expressed should be stored in a clean container or plastic. If you plan to store breast milk in the freezer a container with thick material is preferred, but if you plan to use the breast milk immediately, then you can use plastic storage bags.

You can store the breast milk in different temperatures, at room temperature, the breast milk should be consumed by 4-6 hours and is best if you will be feeding it immediately to your baby. Breast milk stored in a cooler with 3 ice packs can last up to 24 hours.

Breast milk stored in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3-8 days. It is advised that the breast milk storage containers should be placed at the rear portion of the refrigerator  because the front portion may have varying degrees of temperature when the refrigerator is opened.

When breast milk is stored in the freezer it can last up to six to twelve months and should be stored at the bottom or innermost part of the freezer. However, your baby's nutritional needs 6 months before is already different from his or her current nutritional needs, that is why storing breast milk for long periods of time is not greatly encouraged unless otherwise necessary.